Saturday, August 11, 2007

Compare your 'Types'

Need help in choosing fonts? Deciding which of the 3 fonts look the best...
TYPTESTER might help you... a very handy and useful tool.
Just type the text and try fonts, backgrnd colours, font size and compare the look on the same page. Event better they provide you the CSS code of the look you like.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Visible Information India

Visible Information India: A experiment in online interactiontion on Data Visualisation

This interactive multi-author space has been set up as an experiment in online educational interactions as part of the teaching programme at NID within the Data Visualisation course conducted by Prof. M P Ranjan and Rupesh Vyas. Other faculty, students and invited contributors have been requested to join as authors to explore the various dimensions of data visualisation and its design opportunities in India.

While this space is moderated by Prof. M P Ranjan, the views expressed by the individual authors are their own and it does not necessarily reflect the official views of the Institute.

Design for India

India needs design today across all 230 sectors of our economy. This blog is a space to explore and articulate some of the issues and perspectives that can contribute to a better understanding of these opportunities. This blog is managed by Prof. M P Ranjan, NID, Ahmedabad