Monday, April 30, 2007

Nescafe: Zzzzz

Yes, you should be using personas -disambiguity

There is a really good article about personas which i found very useful. Excerpts...

It’s a common misconception that personas are about creating a set of ‘typical’ or ’stereotypical’ users. Much more useful is to use personas who are edge cases. Creating ‘edge case’ personas and then prioritising personas and their goals is much more useful in helping decide what functionality goes in and what doesn’t.

Elastic Users - This is where stakeholders make statements about what ‘users’ want, what ‘users’ do, what ‘users’ prefer, and because the ‘user’ in that context is so undefined and broad, they are able to say almost anything they like and there is no real way to contradict that opinion. The creation of personas means that user groups are much more defined, so broad sweeping statements about what users want can actually be tested against something.

Once you’ve designed the product, you can then use the personas to evaluate the design, and to help communicate to your stakeholders how and why your design supports the goals and tasks of your personas.


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Search Websites by Colour -Design Meltdown

Need to design a red site? Need to make a blue and green design? Click here.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Test Tube

hey guys.. chk this out.. Youtube ( now owned by google ) is about to have two new features:
  1. Audio Swap
  2. Chat in streams

where two people watching the same video can chat!

Isnt it cool.. it reminds me of Our Pilgrim Project.. what say shweta, ruta and gayatri?