Saturday, January 21, 2006

Smart Clothing

Wearables aren't just geeky fantasies, they are serious business, and there are several commercial projects already up and running. Nike has started a tech lab aiming to integrate digital equipment like MP3 players into sports clothes.

Philips’ and Levi Strauss’ ICD+ jackets are equipped with a personal area network, or PAN: an electronic circuit woven into the jacket that serves as the backbone for various devices. Several devices can be clipped on to a PAN, and they can be centrally controlled by a remote control with a small display that alerts users to every incoming phone call, e-mail, or the title of a song playing on an MP3 player.

British Telecom is working with the military forces of several countries to develop clothes which can change their thickness and therefore thermal properties according to the outside temperature. Another design splashes medicines onto a wound when a soldier is hit by a bullet. They are also seeing the use of optical fiber woven into the clothes. When a soldier is injured, the fibers are broken and information about the wound location can be relayed to field medics, who can use the information to prioritize casualties.

Millions of micro-capsules can also be built into clothing and allow camouflage to adapt dynamically to the surroundings, changing the colors and patterns of the clothes.

Communications between the various devices could use fibers built into clothes, with their data coverage increased to as much as 35 feet using the new Bluetooth technologies. Another technique uses the body itself to transmit signals at surprisingly high data rates.

flexible silicon and other stories

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After a long week, Things finally seem to be settling down; 'everything is fine'.

But down to the brass tacks, this link is to a technological advancement which allows for electronics that can be flexible in shape and form ( well at the outset not soooo exciting but the possibilities presented are; nice wearable wrist displays/ comm devices etc)

Also right below it is an article on a different way of representing files; thru individualistic icons which reflect the files name ( the system reads the file name searches a database of icons and attributes a 'meaningful icon' (loaded term)

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Monday, January 09, 2006


this is to the seniors who are blog members:
It would be really great if you could write about your companies and projects and how they are proceeding. It would help us keep in touch with the emerging trends and requirements.
And Happy New year to everyone,
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Friday, January 06, 2006

A little lazy are we?

Hi people, wishing you all a happy new year [with greetings as late as these, the charm of the new year lingers a little longer ;-) ]

kher i was wondering why postings are so few and far between ..... :-? ahh yes assignments................................................................................................
oh we arnt submitting those today ?......we got a extension? what are we doing anyway.....? the course is for 2 year dudes and dudets (that shd be the other way arnd but chuck it) but...... arnt we leaving this coming dec?.....

oh by the way microsoft has these things maybe worth a peek :)